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Spider And Gioma
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Once there was a bee named Spider
His legs were all long and lean
He was always in the fields workin' on his flying
So to impress her lady the queen

Once there was a queen named Gioma
She was doted upon by all her worker bees
They guarded her from all her enemies
Fed her honey to keep the monarchy pleased

Spider and Gioma had a love few others had ever seen
But it was met with some disdain
By those we do not name
So a plan was hatched to see young Spider gone

Then there came a time when they had to leave the old city
The scouts danced out all that they had seen
For a new royal had been born
And they blamed Spider for his scorn
He brought this blight upon their majesty

Oh Spider and Gioma
Don't you leave our hearts too soon
For what she did not know
Of a scuffle down below
Left Spider cast out to the cold, cast out to the cold

She awoke in her new land
And something had happened to her man
She started searchin' high and low
And what have you all to give if you need to kill to live
She knew there was only one place she could go

She left her new city never to see it again
Saying something about how only a queen can kill a queen
In her old city she knelt
And the new queen aksed her how her people felt
I will lay my people down
I will lay my people down
I will lay my people down
I will lay my people down...