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I Love Your Army
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Only the leaves
Feel the need
The witching hour
and the worker bees

But we better go south
'Cause shadows are long
No matter how old you get
You still can be wrong

'Cause I'm still just workin' it out
Hours into days

Sometimes I sit
Alone in the grass
Watchin' the cars
And the trucks roll past

Listening for someone
To slow down and turn
Into the driveway
But i never learn

I'm still just working it out
Hours into days

If you wait you'll see the wood ducks falling
Up in the tree you see the mama just pull them out
And if that morning the crow comes calling
I take heed and feel the firewater burn my throut

Nights as black as the coal we're hauling
Remember to head back when the salamanders get too cold
Whoever said a kiss don't count well
That person must've never been kissed by you
By you

I'm still just workin' it out, hours
I love my mother
I love my pa
I love this land it should be
Free for all

I love your body
I love this floor
I love this house I don't
Want no more
    I love this road
    I love your army
    I love your clothes

I love your painting that will never be owned
No it'll never be owned
Never be owned

'Cause I'm still just workin' it out